HIM Director

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Health Information Management (HIM) Director

Job Summary – the Facility HIM Director is responsible for managing, coordinating, and performing the day?to?day operations and workflow of the facility based HIM operations. Assists with the oversight and implementation of facility related HIM Service Center (HSC) operational planning, service level agreements, budgets, workflow processes, and internal controls. The HIM Director actively participates in the facility based unbilled management process and resolution of issues contributing to unbilled accounts. This person serves as a promoter of the HSC and is the on?site “face” of the HSC.

HIM Director Supervises – Facility HIM Clerk, Facility HIM Coordinator, HIM Specialist, Facility Birth Certificate Clerk(s) and Facility Tumor Registrar(s) as applicable.

Duties (include but are not limited to):
• Assists with the Horizon Patient Folder (HPF)/McKesson Patient Folder (MPF) and HIM Shared Services activities, including but not limited to: FTE management, forms management, interface workbook, operational assessment, action planning, productivity monitoring, release of information management, record storage and destruction management, staff education, and HIM operations cleanup.
• Participates in communication efforts with HIM personnel, facility departments, facility department and unit leadership, facility leadership, and medical staff, including serving as a key HIM contact for facility implementation activities and project core team meetings.
• Responsible for managing facility based HIM operations and staff including, but not limited to, record pick up and reconciliation, release of information request processing, hardcopy retrieval of medical records, tumor and/or trauma registry, and processing of birth certificate/paternity papers as applicable. Routinely assists in the performance of facility based HIM operations including, but not limited to, ad hoc record pick up and reconciliation, release of information request processing, and hardcopy retrieval of medical records as needed.
• Performs facility unbilled activities including physician query follow up, physician incomplete record follow up, collaboration with facility department leaders in monitoring and working unbilled reports, working the applicable HPF/MPF queues, working the applicable unbilled management reports and queues, (e.g., DET/eRequest, Bill 49) and management of HIM operations unbilled processes.
• Works all applicable HPF/MPF workflow queues (includes, but is not limited to, the Facility HIM Department Queue, all Coding Pend for Queues, Review Queues, Unknown Document Queue, Cancelled Accounts Queue and all Wait for Workflow Trigger Queues) according to established workflow guidelines and schedules.
• Works collaboratively with Medical Staff and Facility Leadership to comply with standards and guidelines enforced through the Medical Staff Bylaws/Rules and Regulations (e.g., suspension of privileges) and is responsible for facilitation and execution of physician notification processes regarding medical record documentation deficiency, delinquency, and physician suspension.
• Provides HPF/MPF record completion and medical record viewing training and education to medical staff members.
• Provides medical record viewing training and education to other clinical and ancillary personnel.
• Primary facility contact for external agencies requiring on?site viewing of medical records.
• Proactively manages, including corresponding communications and escalation paths, significant issues in HIM operations (e.g., backlogs, turnover), status of projects, barriers and successes.
• Establishes and maintains effective working relationship with ancillary departments and unit managers to ensure optimal record management including thinned record processes, quick record prep and loose reports, record pick up and discharge record reconciliation.
• May serve as the Facility Privacy Official, Records Management Coordinator, RAC Coordinator, and/or perform state reporting duties.
• Coaches and helps develop team members; disciplines and counsels staff as necessary.
• Performs productivity and quality monitoring and provides timely and consistent feedback to facility?based HSC employees.
• Responsible for ensuring facility?based HSC staff schedules adequately support operational requirements established by the HSC Leadership team and executed Service Level Agreements (SLA).
• Monitors facility HIM operations performance as outlined in HSC policy and SLA.
• Provides assistance to the HSC Document Imaging Manager as it relates to facility based HSC document imaging staff.
• Ensures all forms to be scanned into HPF are barcoded properly and performs forms remediation activities as needed.
• Assists in identifying and implementing process improvements to lower costs and improve service to facility and SSC customers.
• Coordinates training and education of facility based HSC staff.
• Responsible for implementation of standardized policies and procedures, tools, resources, and educational Materials.
• Annually reviews and updates the facility Legal Medical Record Inventory. 

• Technical Skills – thorough knowledge of federal and state release of medical information, regulations and medical record keeping requirements, knowledge in the areas of Medicare Conditions of Participation, compliance, government and state rules and regulations, and The Joint Commission.
• Initiative – independently takes prompt proactive steps towards problem resolution Managing conflict – dealing effectively with others in an antagonistic situation; using appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to reduce tension or conflict between two or more people
• Organization ? proactively prioritizes initiatives, effectively manages resources and keen ability to multi?task
• Communication ? communicates clearly, proactively and concisely with all key stakeholders
• Customer Orientation ? establishes and maintains long?term customer relationships, building trust and respect by consistently meeting and exceeding expectations
• Policies & Procedures ? articulates knowledge and understanding of organizational policies, procedures and systems
• PC Skills ? demonstrates proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and others as required
• Project Management ? assesses work activities, upholds and meets deadlines, and allocates resources appropriately 

Coach, Mentor and Educate – provides timely guidance and feedback to help strengthen the knowledge/skill set of others to accomplish a task or solve a problem
• Work Independently – is self?supporting; not needing to rely on others to complete a job
• Leadership ? leads individuals and groups toward identified outcomes, setting high performance standards and delivering quality services
• Building Trust – interacts with others in a way that gives them confidence in one’s intentions and those of the organization
• Adaptability – maintaining effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; able to adapt to change in environment and/or circumstances with a positive outlook; and adjusting effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or cultures Education and Experience
• Undergraduate degree required, strongly prefer a Health Information Management degree
• A minimum of one year of HIM department experience is preferred, three or more years is strongly preferred
• A minimum of one year healthcare management experience is strongly preferred

RHIA required 

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